Monday, November 26, 2012

The Shamanic Drum

With the exception of the Eskimos, the drum is one of the sacred and necessary for the Shaman.

The drum is used by shamans for many functions, depending on your geographic location and needs of the shaman. There are shamans who use it to make invocations, to retain and even spirits to heal the sick.

But perhaps, the drum was, is and will be a means to achieve altered states of consciousness and help your rhythm sound, to enter other worlds, connecting with your Nahual, the spirit world, in contact with Mother Earth and enter contact your inner power.

It is said that the drum is "the shaman's horse", ie a channel or a medium that gives the shaman of his power and helps you travel the world of spirits.

This sacred object of production as well as each and every tradition or culture, making this the subject of power, has a specific ritual.

An example of this is that access to the forest Samoyeds blindfolded and the shaman is able to find the sacred tree which provide wood for drum making.

Another example of this is that the sacred tree Altaianos found through dreams or visions that tell cahmán tree location that will give the wood for manufacturing.

The drum is present in almost every culture, in very many cults and rituals, from North America, through the Arab countries, Africa, Europe, Japan, Tibet ... the drum is considered a necessary object to an end.

Once an Indian told me personally:

"You the Spanish came and took the precious stones and gold. If you would have been also drums and dances, perhaps you would be happier and be in communion Mother Earth".

That reason was.

The girl in the corner

It is perhaps one of the quintessential urban legends. We've all been lonely roads in low light, where only light bulbs illuminate the car a few meters our vision. Often lonely roads, are located near fields and woods and rarely find cars in front. In those moments we're always tired or sleepy and sometimes I even traveled alone.

The story of "The girl in the corner", although there are many nuances, is as follows:

In the dead of night, driving alone in the lonely road, is a girl, usually attractive, dressed in a white nightgown.

The person conducting, feel the need to stop and push up the girl. Usually, the girl does not talk and remain silent on our side or on the back seat.

When you reach a corner, the girl says, "You see in this curve carefully" or "Decrease, in this corner I killed him."

After ignoring the girl and stop or slow down, to look to the side or the back seat, the person realizes that the girl is no longer in the vehicle.

This is the brief history or rather one version of the urban legend of the girl in the corner.

The Cult of Holy Death

Holy Death, is a Mexican cult, which has always been mired in controversy since the first worshipers of the Holy Death, came from the world of drug trafficking and marginal areas of Mexico. But now the Cult of Santa Muerte has spread across all social levels and managed to cross the borders of Mexico, but extends to other countries.

The Santa Muerte is make offerings, like any saint is venerated and put altars in homes.

Being a cult and not a religion (although there have been attempts to make it a religion), there are certain rituals and individual believers makes his prayers and devotions to individual or local level, as there are some temples in neighborhoods which worships the Holy Death, and create their own prayers and ceremonies.

In shops and markets you can buy books, candles, pictures, ritual kits, etc..

The secret of the $ 2 bill

The U.S. $ 2 ticket is a ticket of little use, but legal and therefore we can find it easily in banks or shops of coin collectors.

This ticket has been given the name "lucky ticket", perhaps because of their small circulation and is therefore rarely seen a ticket. And the little seen (like the 4-leaf clover), brings luck (unscientific, of course).

Some of you might be wondering to be mysteries and secrets that talk of a U.S. airline. Well, it's simple.

On one side of the note appears Thomas Jefferson

But on the other hand shows a reproduction of the Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull. And here's the curious.

All, or almost all, it may have doubts with any of those in this bill, belonged to the Masons and therefore the $ 2 ticket is the ticket "Mason" par excellence.

So if you did not know, now you know more about this enigmatic ticket.

Legend of the Five-pointed star

The five-pointed star, known worldwide as a pentagram or pentalpha esoteric, among other names, has an unknown origin and existence is lost in the mists of time. The Sumerians used it and like the Star of David, no culture, society, religion or country have a monopoly on this symbol.

The meaning of this symbol is varied and there are many interpretations.

Star in normal position: According to most experts in esotericism, the star with the point up, is a positive symbol. Its shape is like a human figure with arms outstretched and legs apart (as seen in the picture). The top edge of the star, is the head of man and other tips are the 4 elements. So this symbol initiatory level, shows a man (or woman) who controls and dominates the four elements. Where the initiate has absolute control of their destiny and everything around him.

Inverted Star: This 5-pointed inverted star, is known by most of the star of the Devil, Satan or Lucifer. Symbolically, it can be said, that like the star, in normal position, was the man controlling the four elements, the inverted pentagram, shows the man's head down and the four elements above it. This means that it controls the four elements, but instead is attached to the Earth, ie the material energy (coming materials, basic instincts, power, money ...). It is also said, that being the three points down, is a denial of the Christian Trinity and the two ends up indicating the downside (as duality) that dominates, compared to positive.

I have to comment that it is a serious mistake to think that the inverted star is the representation of Lucifer, as initiatory level, Lucifer used the 5-pointed star in its normal position, since in any initiatory way luciferin, sought or should seek spiritual and transcendental knowledge. The inverted star instead if that has to do with Satanism.

The symbolism of the Star of David

The Star of David is not just a Jewish symbol, since this star appears in Egypt, the Sumerians, etc. Say it is a universal symbol, like the cross.

The exact origin is not known, but the star of David, also called "Seal of Solomon", transcends religion.

Moses said: Whoever knows the star look, appreciate the greatness of God and man

The triangle represents wisdom and divinity, but also represents the female and the desire to access "something" high.

The inverted triangle of the Star of David symbolizes the masculine God above man.

The two triangles that form the star together, create 6 small triangles and this union creates a harmony between man and woman, the divine in man, heaven and earth in harmony, the positive and the negative balance.

That is union with the cosmos or cosmic nature.

Summing up: The star of David represents the balance of nature, our oneness with the whole and the harmony in the pursuit of wisdom.

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